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SKU: AMAZONAS camera calda per pappagalli e uccelli esotici

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Configurable and specific brooder for birds and exotic animals.

Structure made of thermo-insulating PVC foam, temperature controller + hygrometer function + digital display and much more.

2 YEARS warranty

Designed and manufactured in Como – Italy

Configuration Exotic

It enables the superior function and adds two more components; the electronic humidity control board and the automatic humidifier.

Spare membrane for humidifier (consumable part) if purchased now with the machine, it allows you to save on transport costs.

HC011 lampadina ricambio per CALDOBELLO

It adds the infrared heater with ultra-short radiant technology, and the selector for switching from dynamic heating via the fan, to irradiation only, with autonomous regulation.

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  • Brooder for birds and exotic animals, with dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan.
  • Structure amade of thermal insulating PVC foam Class A in white color, obtained from a flat panel machined with CNC machinery and profiled in aluminum and galvanized steel laminated with white pvc.
  • Door worked with the same material described above, it has a large inspection window made of transparent plexiglass.
  • Internal useful dimension cm. 50 x 50 x height 60.
  • It can accommodate a standard cage cm. 45 x 45 x 50.
  • Air exchange with adjustable gate.
  • Humidification by evaporation with valve for water reserve to be installed on any PET bottle (bottle not included).
  • Full protection of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Power from watt 163 and average consumption from 41 watt/hour.
  • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
  • Voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
  • 2 years warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight starting from 19 Kg.
  • User manual with images to simplify learning.
Weight 51 kg

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