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SKU: Herp incubatrice pr tartarughe serpenti e geki

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Configurable and specific incubator for turtle, snake, gecko eggs, etc. etc.

Structure made of thermo-insulating PVC foam, temperature and humidity controller + digital display + automatic humidifier, from one to four levels and much more.

3 YEARS warranty

Designed and manufactured in Como – Italy


Selezionare il numero di livelli e cestelli e inoltre confermare: Z se volete livelli e cestelli in metallo con trattamento galvanico, oppure X se volete livelli e cestelli in acciaio inox AISI 304B2. La selezione della versione X è possibile solo impostando la versione Z a 0

    Livelli Z

    Aggiunge altezza alla macchina, livelli e cestelli.Max: 4

    Livelli X

    Aggiunge altezza alla macchina, livelli e cestelli.Min: 1Max: 4

    Porta trasparente

    Porta 100% in plexiglas trasparente, bordata con profilo in lega d'alluminio in sostituzione a porta standard. Permette una perfetta visione di tutto lo spazio interno anche senza aprire.


    • La selezione di questo campo rimuove il controllo automatico dell'umidità. Attenzione in caso di ripensamento l'accessorio opzionale rimane sempre disponibile per l'upgrade senza la necessità di dover mandare la macchina presso il centro di assistenza.

    Calibration probe

    • RTD200 Termometro LCD di precisione

      Precision thermometer - Sample thermometer necessary for the calibration of the temperature probe, whenever necessary (instructions in the machine user manual).


    Ozone generator for automated environmental sanitation up to 90 cubic meters in the absence of people. Even low-intensity sanitation 24 hours a day up to 270 cubic meters in the presence of people, eggs and animals (scientific attestation of 99% reduction in the chances of transmission of infections).

    Totale prodotto

    Totale opzioni

    Somma globale

    • Turtle, snake, gecko, etc. egg incubator with dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan motor – indirect forced ventilation with adjustable intensity.
    • Structure and door made of thermal insulating PVC foam Class A in white color, obtained from a flat panel machined with CNC machinery and profiled in aluminum and plastic coated steel.
    • Large transparent plexiglass inspection window obtained in the door (optional 100% transparent plexiglass door).
    • From one to four levels for egg container
      • Each level is equipped with a rectangular basket version Z made of metal mesh with galvanic treatment with dimensions 35 x 48 cm and with side edges 6 cm high (as an option it is possible to choose the X version which includes both the support levels and the baskets in stainless steel AISI 304B2).
      • The baskets are fully removable to facilitate the handling and management of the egg containers (containers not included).
    • PID micro-computer controller (version D) with unified digital temperature and humidity sensor and minimum / maximum alarms, which reads and maintains the Temperature and the Relative Humidity.
    • Possible downgrade to “lower performance” humidity reading only and manual humidity adjustment with water trays (extractable water trays and water filled from the outside without the need to open the door. A support kit with a special cap with valve, which adapts into any plastic water bottle (bottle not included), is provided with to increase the water reserve).
    • Full protection of electrical and mechanical parts.
    • Power from watt 163 and average consumption from 41 watt/hour.
    • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
    • Voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
    • 3 years warranty for any manufacturing defect.
    • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight starting from 19 Kg.
    • User manual with images to simplify learning.

    If each basket were used without any container with zeolite or soil, it would have a capacity for about 50 testudo hermanni and testudo grecoe eggs, the size of the container (not included) changes the described capacity.

    The eggs of terrestrial turtles (testudo hermanni and testudo grecoe) measure on average 40 x 30 mm. and have an average weight of 20 grams. Sizes and weight can vary ± 20% based on the area of origin, the subspecies to which it belongs and the age of the turtle.

    Weight 51 kg

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