Frequently Asked Questions

If the ordered material is in stock, it will be shipped within 24-48 hours from the payment confirmation “the date of credit on our bank account”. If a purchase is made but payment is not received immediately and, in the meantime, the chosen item has already been sold, shipped and / or is no longer temporarily available, the next shipment will take place as soon as it is available again (on average from 2 to 8 working days ).

Always keep in mind that the incubator is a machine. It is a machine, it has no functions of dialogue with the user nor of learning towards the various parameters entered by the user, towards the external climate and not even towards the incubated eggs. Therefore, the user’s personal experience is always fundamental for the success of births.

The temperature and humidity of the place where the incubator and/or hatching machine is installed must be stable and within the allowed limits: Temperature between 18 and 28 Celsius degrees and relative humidity between 40 and 65 percent. The incubators, to ensure proper oxygenation and the elimination of carbon dioxide, are provided with air exchange with the external environment, therefore different external values, lower or higher than those indicated above, will lead to malfunctions and hatch problems.

The incubation and hatching temperature and humidity can be found in the table in the machine user manual. The information included in the manual is the result of over 70 years of test and testing experience of MAINO company, but also of as many researches carried out by our breeders, veterinarians and scientists collaborators. By applying what we have described, good results are obtained and, as always, the personal experience is essential for the success of births.