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Spare bulb for heater CALDOBELLO

  • HC011 lampadina ricambio per CALDOBELLO

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Happy Chicks I, the brooder born from the need to have a containment element for the weaning of chicks to help them grow safely in their first weeks of life, but at the same time aesthetically nice, easy to assemble/disassemble and to clean.

The walls of the box are made of transparent plexiglass, allow a perfect 360 ° view of the interior without obstacles and are completely removable (without the use of tools), washable with water and detergent, thus allowing significant sanitary benefits.

The heating system exploits hypodermic saturation. The body that comes into contact with the light emitted by the special RA bulb is saturated with heat and the natural circulation of the blood allows the heat to spread to all parts of the body. It heats the ANIMALS ONLY! Water, feed and so also the floor, walls, cages, and everything else inert, remains cold! This important factor avoids water evaporation, food fermentation and many, many sanitary and animal health problems.

Technical features:

  • Walls of the box made of transparent plexiglass
  • Roof composed by a profiled mesh panel sliding inside aluminum guides
  • Bottom where the chicks lay in tight wire mesh to prevent the legs from breaking
  • Extractible Manure tray
  • Extractable tray for collecting excrement, as large as the entire size of the cage
  • Heater CALDO BELLO type 250 Watt with thermostat for operating regulation
  • No.1 drinker and no.1 feeder
  • Completely demountable and washable
  • Assembled external dimensions cm. 67 x 41 x 32 height
  • Total weight Kg. 12,5
  • Power Watt 250 – Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%
  • 2 years warranty
  • EEC standards – Completely designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Installation and user manual
  • It is shipped completely disassembled, complete with all the screws and bolts necessary for its assembly
  • Extremely simplified assembly with instructions with images.
  • Capacity for some types of chicks:
    • Chicks of hen, duck, small black turkey = 30-35
    • Chicks of pheasant, guinea fowl, bantam = 40-45
    • Chicks of red partridge = 90-100
    • Chicks of quail, gray partridge = 100-120
    • Chicks of giant turkey, goose, peacock = 12-15
Weight 25 kg

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