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Heating system CALDO BELLO CB1


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CALDO BELLO is the high-tech RA heating system for animals that emits short-wave infrared rays, HEAT that penetrates directly into the irradiated body!

The special RA infrared element installed in the CALDO BELLO systems has the ability to saturate the organic bodies hypodermically with heat, this, through the normal circulation of the blood, spreads the heat throughout the whole body!

The CALDO BELLO lamp does not heat only the skin but the whole body.

The special RA element is particularly resistant to water splashes and if it comes into contact with it, it does not explode or breaks! (which instead normally happens for standard infrared lamps).

Long-Life tested; Caldo Bello has passed several lifespan tests in different farms of our customers in many parts of the world, the tests have shown a life of over 8.000 hours of continuous operation without defects or breakages.

The brooders CALDO BELLO heat the animals even if they are placed at 2 meters height from the floor level, this because it is not the light that heats, but the special emitted infrared rays!

CALDO BELLO is different from the other types of electric and gas heaters on the market that heat everything, the best of its features is that CALDO BELLO heats ONLY the ANIMALS!  Drinking water, food and also floor, walls, cages and every other inert thing are always cold! This important factor avoids the water evaporation, the food fermentation and many animal health problems.

CALDO BELLO has an adjustable thermostat that allows the reduction of energy costs.

Technical features CALDO BELLO CB1:

  • No.1 CALDO BELLO galvanized steel lamp
  • No.1 RA infrared element (already installed in the lamp)
  • No.1 Adjustable thermostat (already installed in the lamp)
  • No.2 Rings to hang it (already installed in the lamp)
  • Power cord with Schuko plug
  • Voltage 230Vca
  • Total power 250 Watt
  • Installation and user manual
  • Heating capacity:
    • Chicks of hen, duck, small black turkey = 100
    • Chicks of pheasant, guinea fowl, bantam = 120
    • Chicks of red partridge = 180
    • Chicks of quail = 220
    • Chicks of goose, giant turkey, peacock = 40
    • Big size dogs = 1
    • Small and medium size dogs = 2
    • Calf – max. 2 months old = 1
    • Pig – max. 2 months old = 1
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