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SKU: Colibrì - PHI X

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Configurable and specific incubator for exotic birds eggs.

Structure made of thermo-insulating PVC foam, temperature and humidity controller + digital display + automatic humidifier, automatic egg turning system to choose between tilting and rotating and much more.

3 YEARS warranty

Designed and manufactured in Como – Italy

Versions eggs turning system


Levels tilting motion * 90,00

It adds height to the machine, levels and trays with tilting motion - the capacity for each tray is shown below.Max: 4

Levels rotary motion * 150,00

It adds height to the machine, levels and trays with rotary motion - the capacity for each tray is shown below.Max: 4

Type of egg *

Describe the type of parrot and the diameter of the egg. The tilting tray is supplied for the egg indicated by you. If you select more levels, confirm for each one, bird and egg diameter.Min: 5 charactersMax: 300 characters

Extra baskets

Extra baskets * 60,00

It adds one to three baskets in addition to the one already available. Necessary accessories if the machine is loaded for the entire incubation capacity at once and used at the end of the incubation also as hatcher.Max: 3

Transparent door

Stainless steel interior

Structure of trays-holder levels, trays and basket in stainless steel AISI 304-B2

Automatic Disinfection


  • Selecting this field removes the automatic humidity control. Attention, if you change your mind, the optional accessory is always available for upgrade without the need to send the machine back to the service center.

Calibration probe

  • RTD200 Termometro LCD di precisione

    Precision thermometer - Sample thermometer necessary for the calibration of the temperature probe, whenever necessary (instructions in the machine user manual).


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  • Exotic birds egg incubator with dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan motor – indirect forced ventilation with adjustable intensity.
  • Structure and door made of thermal insulating PVC foam Class A in white color, obtained from a flat panel machined with CNC machinery and profiled in aluminum and plastic coated steel.
  • Large transparent plexiglass inspection window obtained in the door (optional 100% transparent plexiglass door).
  • Automated system with servo-motor for automatic eggs turning.
  • Eggs turning system from one to four levels, available in two versions;
    • With tilting motion, at each level the eggs are placed in a horizontal position in a tray with three cradle-shaped alveolus rocking at very low speed for 90 degrees (a complete movement in 4 hours). During the movement the eggs remain firmly resting in the alveolus. “With this type of egg turning system, after checking the position of the egg air chamber, it is possible to move the eggs even in a vertical position”.
    • With  rotary motion, the eggs are placed on each level with adjacent rollers in a horizontal position. The roller support slides on guides and transmits the rotary motion at very low speed to the eggs that roll on their shell for 180 degrees (a complete movement in 5 minutes and a pause between rotations fully programmable via timer with dedicated digital display). The roller system is adjustable by extension of the motion (in order to accommodate the correct diameter and rotation).
      • Both egg turning systems do not allow to insert different types of eggs (with different diameters) on the same level at the same time.
  • N. 1 totally removable wire mesh basket, to insert the eggs to be turned manually or to hatch the eggs.
  • PID micro-computer controller (version D) with unified digital temperature and humidity sensor and minimum / maximum alarms, which reads and maintains the Temperature and the Relative Humidity.
  • Possible downgrade to “lower performance” humidity reading only and manual humidity adjustment with water trays (extractable water trays and water filled from the outside without the need to open the door. A support kit with a special cap with valve, which adapts into any plastic water bottle (bottle not included), is provided with to increase the water reserve).
  • Full protection of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Power from watt 163 and average consumption from 41 watt/hour.
  • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
  • Voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
  • 3 years warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight starting from 19 Kg.
  • User manual with images to simplify learning.
  • Total eggs capacity for each level:
    • Large-sized parrots; Scarlet Macaw Hyacinth Yellow-blue – White cockatoo … = 18
    • Medium-sized parrots; Gray – Eclectus – Amazona – Mini Macaw – Cockatoo … = 21
    • Small-sized parrots; Conure – Pionites – Rose-ringed parakeet – Poicephalus senegalus … = 24
    • Parakeets and Lorikeet; Cockatiel – Monk parakeet – Green-cheeked parakeet … = 36
Weight 51 kg

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