Happy Chicks


MINI Happy Chicks (compact version) Happy Chicks II (standard) and Happy Chicks III (double capacity compared to chicks Happy Chicks II).

Are really great features, created by the growth of your young chicks in safe conditions! Happy Chicks structures are fully transparent plexiglass and allows you to have a full view of 360° without obstacles. Completely removable and washable structures directly under running water to deliver remarkable health benefits.

All Happy Chicks come standard with the Radiant Caldo Bello CB1 and its famous Special Infrared Halogen Bulb Long Term, with Thermostat & with ALL the Accessories: superior sliding gates/doors; Feeders and drinker; Fully removable and washable inner gate; The defecation collecting tray also fully removable and washable.

Happy Chicks II and Happy Chicks III are also complete with stand and support.