Roller for hand plucking of partridges and quails

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Roller for hand plucking of partridges and quails, rady to be installed.

Spare fingers

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Roller for hand plucking of partridges and quails, ready to be installed on any generic rotary motion electric tool (drill, screwdriver, etc.), complete with 15 rubber fingers.


  • Lenght 22cm;
  • Total diameter 24cm (with fingers already installed);
  • Shaft to be clamped in the spindle of the power tool, diameter 10mm.
  • Fingers certified according to regulations and of high quality for use in the food industry.
  • Hardness 60SH
  • The particular shape of the finger, the flexibility and the arrangement of the overlapping coils drastically reduces damage to the skin.
  • EEC standards.

PS: wet plucking – Before plucking it is necessary to dip the animal in hot water.

These fingers are only suitable for quails and partridges, while they are not recommended for poultry and game for which another type of roller complete with fingers is available as an accessory.

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