Plucking machine MKQ-V

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MKQ-V Automatic plucking machine for quails, partridges, gray partridges, rock partridges and small birds.

MKQ-V allows to carry out plucking autonomously, without any contact of the operator with the moving parts of the machine.

After having performed the previous scalding phase in hot water for a few seconds, simply insert the animals in the drum (one or more at a time up to a maximum of 4 animals) for a few moments “usually 30 seconds are enough”, all the plucking operation takes place in a safe, very quiet and clean way.

At the end of each plucking it is possible to rinse the cylinder by connecting the sprayer already installed on the plucking machine to a water tap.

The removed feathers come out at the bottom through the special discharge mouth.

  • MKQ-V plucking machine is fully demountable.
  • The cylindrical part is easily removable.
  • All cleaning operations are very simple and fast.

Technical features:

  • Plucking capacity up to 250/300 birds/hour.
  • Drum supplied with no.202 flexible rubber fingers.
  • Upper protection cover made of transparent plexiglas.
  • Electric motor and gearbox 3 Hp., kW.0,75 with variation of the rotation speed to better adapt to the needs (professional model).
  • Safety switch with release coil.
  • Integrated water sprayer.
  • Structure fully made of stainless steel AISI 304.2B.
  • No.4 feet.
  • Fully demountable.
  • Assembled dimensions cm. 55 x 60 x 95 height.
  • Net weight Kg. 47.
  • CEE standards.
  • Completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Note: in the photo with two plucking machines you can see the size difference of the MKQ-V on the left compared to the larger MK1 model on the right.

Also in the photo the first prototype of our MK1 entirely built in sheet steel with a special zinc-magnesium coating, ten times more resistant than a normal galvanization.

Weight 116 kg

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