Entry-level models Incubators or Hatcher, or both, with the dynamic distribution of heat via a fan, Molded plastic box with an insert made of galvanized metal and covered with colored PVC (red – blue – yellow – green) “color not selectable “, with automatic or manual eggs turning, an egg turning adjustable universal tray for any type of egg or fixed tray, mesh in the bottom to facilitate rotation and hatching, has commands to easy to use panel with our PID Controller micro-computer only control temperature (optionally also with the relative humidity reading), this unit also has a minimum and maximum alarms. The humidity adjustment is done manually by means of one or more basins of water. These models operate at 230 Volts with reduced power used by 105 watts and average consumption of 25 watts/hour – the design and construction comply with EEC regulations, the machine is Shipped assembled and ready for use – is two Years Warranty for any manufacturing defect, very contained weight just 5 Kg.

  • Two models available:
    • MPS12
    • MPS30