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PIOPIO 70 DU – Fully equipped version

  • Thermo-insulated structure in expanded PVC and transparent plexiglass door
  • Temperature and Humidity control with digital display
  • Combined sensor with digital temperature and humidity technology
  • Automatic humidifer
  • Automatic eggs turning
  • Adjustable turning tray for any type of egg.

The water tank is external, it is not necessary to open the machine for topping up.

Calibration probe

  • RTD200 Termometro LCD di precisione

    Precision thermometer - Sample thermometer necessary for the calibration of the temperature probe, whenever necessary (instructions in the machine user manual).


Ozone generator for automated environmental sanitation up to 90 cubic meters in the absence of people. Even low-intensity sanitation 24 hours a day up to 270 cubic meters in the presence of people, eggs and animals (scientific attestation of 99% reduction in the chances of transmission of infections).

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  • Incubator or hatcher / or both, with dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan.
  • Thermal-insulated box  in white rigid PVC and bayonet door made of perfectly transparent plexiglass.
  • Automatic eggs turning with a universal adjustable eggs turning tray for any type of eggs and mesh bottom that facilitates the eggs turning and the hatching phase.
  • PID micro-computer controller Temperature and Humidity control with minimum and maximum alarms – If you want less performance, simply deselect the parts.
  • Automatic humidity adjustment with water automatic humidifier, the water is filled in the 5 liters tank from the outside without the need to open the door.
  • Power from watt 317 and average consumption from 79 watt / hour.
  • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
  • Voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
  • Two years warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight Kg. 13.
  • Total eggs capacity:
    • 70 Hen – Duck – Domestic Turkey
    • 96 Pheasant – Guinea Fowl – Bantam
    • 156 Quail – Grey Partridge
    • 126 Red partridge (alectoris rufa)
    • 30 Goose – Giant Turkey – Peacock

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Weight 43 kg

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