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ECO 3.2 DU


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Model ECO 3.2 version DU.
Box with 40mm thickness for greater thermal insulation.
Temperature and Humidity controller with digital display.
Automatic humidifier with self-regulated water load.
No. 13 supports for both tilting trays and hatching baskets.

Below you can configure the machine for your needs:


Tutta la macchina viene allestita con la sola tipologia di cassetti che scegliete qui sotto, se avete bisogno di carichi di uova miste, dovete selezionare ed aggiungere anche CASSETTI EXTRA.


La macchina viene fornita SOLO con cestelli di schiusa - viene rimosso il sistema volta uova automatico. Attenzione se avete scelto solo schiusa impostare la scelta cassetti per nessun cassetto altrimenti verrà aggiunto il loro costo.


acquistati subito insieme alla macchina permettono sia di essere maggiormente flessibili per gestire qualsiasi altro tipo di uova, che di risparmiare sui costi di trasporto per altri nuovi acquisti.

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti supplementari per gallina- anatra - tacchino nostranoMax: 13

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti supplementari per fagiano - faraona - bantamMax: 13

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti supplementari per oca - tacchino gigante - pavoneMax: 13

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti per quaglia , pernice grigiaMax: 13

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti per alectoris rufa , pernice rossaMax: 13

Aggiunge uno o più cassetti speciali quaglia >< gallinaMax: 13



  • Confermando questa scelta la macchina viene configurata con un diverso sistema di supporto dei cassetti, viene sostituito il sistema volta uova e viene fornita con 4 cassetti per uova di emù/nandù.


  • Confermando questa scelta la macchina viene configurata con un diverso sistema di supporto dei cassetti, viene sostituito il sistema volta uova e viene fornita con 4 cassetti per uova di struzzo.



Alcuni ricambi per parti di consumo

  • Kit di membrane di ricambio per teste umidificatore automatico (materiale consumabile).

  • Coppia di raccordi con attacco filetto 3/4 pollice e innesti rapidi per tubazione JG8 per acqua di alimentazione della vasca umidificatore automatico

  • 10 metri di tubo flessibile per raccordare la macchina alla rete idrica

Calibration probe

  • RTD200 Termometro LCD di precisione

    Precision thermometer - Sample thermometer necessary for the calibration of the temperature probe, whenever necessary (instructions in the machine user manual).


Totale prodotto

Totale opzioni

Somma globale

Standard Equipment:

  • Set-up of your choice:
    • Standard version Incubator only.
    • Option – Version Hatcher only (the eggs turning system will be removed).
  • Cabinet box and door with transparent plexiglass inspection porthole, obtained by CNC machining from sandwich panels with a high thermal insulation coefficient, total thickness of 40mm (internal/external surfaces in solid white PVC + expanded polystyrene core) and fire resistance class A, fully profiled structure with CNC machined steel.
  • MXPT-DU microprocessor temperature and humidity controller with unified digital temperature and humidity sensor (protected), minimum and maximum alarms and digital display.
  • Dynamic distribution of heat / air by means of fan motor for greater climatic homogeneity.
  • Electric heating with well-structured and balanced heating elements to avoid excessive energy consumption.
  • Fully extractable and removable incubation trays and/or hatching baskets.
  • Tilting egg turning system with electric servomotor.
  • Integrated humidification tank with direct connection to the water mains.
  • Integrated automatic humidifier module.
  • Humidification tank filling with automatic water level maintenance with floater.
  • Full protection of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Power from watt 1200 and average consumption from 300 watt/hour.
  • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
  • Electric voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5% (220/240 Vca 50/60 Hz.)
  • 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight 200 Kg.
  • User manual with images to simplify learning and with temperature and humidity table according to the type of egg.
  • Egg rack levels set-up for 13 metal tilting trays:
    • Levels completely configurable by type of trays and/or egg baskets, you can choose which specific trays for a single type of egg among the following types;
      • hen, duck, small domestic turkey.
      • quail , gray partridge.
      • red partridge (alectoris rufa).
      • pheasant, guinea fowl, bantam.
      • goose, giant turkey, peacock.
      • special quail >< hen (accepts eggs of various sizes, differing in the load capacity).
      • emu/rhea (it also modifies the number of levels and the egg turning system).
      • ostrich (it also modifies the number of levels and the egg turning system).
  • Setting up also for hatching, if you buy the machine for loading all the eggs in a single solution and you do not purchase another machine only as a hatcher, you must select the additional optional baskets;
    • Standard for all types of eggs – except Emu-Rhea-Ostrich.
    • Specific for Emu-Rhea-Ostrich eggs only.
  • “Hatcher only” set-up. If you buy the machine to be used only as a hatcher, you have to select;
    • HATCHER ONLY, the automatic egg turning system is removed and discounted from the price and the machine is supplied only with hatching baskets.
  • Additional trays and baskets can be purchased as extra optional accessories.
  • Model ECO 3.2 DU Total eggs capacity:
    • Hen – Duck – Domestic Turkey = 1521
    • Pheasant – Guinea Fowl – Bantam = 1989
    • Quail – Gray Partridge = 3718
    • Goose – Giant Turkey – Peacock = 819
    • Alectoris Rufa – Red Partridge = 3388
    • Emu – Rhea: 108
    • Ostrich: 72
    • If the machine is hatcher only for its full capacity, the total capacity is the same.

Warning! This device is not ready in the warehouse, it must be manufactured, waiting times can be between 5 and 15 working days from the confirmation of the order.

Weight 400 kg

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