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R1570 MXPT climate controller for incubators

SKU: R1570

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Performance increase MXPT controller

  • With this update and other accessory, the controller gains performance by improving climate management and also obtains the humidity reading which is displayed on the digital display together with the temperature.

  • With this accessory board, the control gains the humidifier management functionality (R1469B Automatic humidifier not included) to obtain automatic humidity production.

  • R1469B Umidificatore automatico con riserva acqua da 5 litri

    With this accessory connected to the controller (after adding the new firmware with digital probe and the R1563 board) the machine autonomously and constantly maintains the relative humidity level set in the memory.

  • Spare membrane for humidifier (consumable part) if purchased now with the other accessories, it allows you to save on transport costs.

  • RTD200 Termometro LCD di precisione

    The thermometer is a necessary tool for the correct calibration of the probe connected to the controller that detects the climate in the machine. The probe is constantly subjected to the inclemency of the elements (temperature and humidity) and during the incubation season it loses alignment and must be realigned to ensure correct hatches. If it is purchased now with the other accessories, it allows you to save on transport costs.

Heat element

Recommended purchase together with the thermostat to avoid any compatibility problem.

  • Self-supporting heat element for incubators up to 126 eggs - For models without ceramic insulator supports.

  • Self-supporting heat element for incubators from 126 up to 252 eggs - For models without ceramic insulator supports.

  • Flexible single-wire heat element for incubators up to 126 egg - For models with ceramic insulators and heat element.

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MXPT climate controller with built-in switching power supply and digital display that can be used for any Incubator or Hatcher, complete with temperature probe.

This device has been specially designed for reading and adjusting the temperature of the incubators and hatches of our production, but it adapts to any other machine, even self-built.

There is no need to know how to program and it is not even necessary to change any management parameters, we have already done everything.

The switching power supply allows the MXPT controller to work even in the presence of disturbed power lines and with fluctuating voltages, typical problems of countryside areas or far from inhabited centers.

The device is fully adjustable and the probe can be calibrated to ensure full control efficiency.

  • Temperature accuracy to the tenth of a centigrade degree.

This MXPT controller can manage a heating load up to 150 Watts of power through the static relay already present, the particularity of this component is that it is full electronic and the total absence of mechanical components makes it very precise in the adjustment, tireless and long lasting.

The manual provided with images allows perfect installation without errors and simplified use.

Technical features of the KIT:

  • No.1 MXPT controller already installed by us in a galvanized and plastic coated metal box to be installed externally to the machine
  • No.1 Temperature probe with connection cable of about 50 centimeters length
  • No.1 Pre-assembled wiring with 6-pole mammoth terminal
  • Self-drilling fixing screws
  • EEC standards
  • Completely designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Maximum applicable power 150 Watt (or no.1 heat element R00A712)
  • Installation and user manual
  • Working range and accuracy:
    • Temperature from 10 to 50 Celsius degrees centigrade and 0,1 degrees accuracy
Weight 1.9 kg

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