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R01565D Unified digital probe for MXPD control

SKU: R01565D

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Unified digital technology sensor communicates directly with the MXPD control microprocessor by sending temperature and relative humidity data in real time.

The sensor is protected from dust, feathers, dirt and splashes of water with a special membrane filter (white color film) applied by us, which considerably extends its life.

  • Temperature accuracy to the tenth of a centigrade degree.
  • Relative humidity accuracy to one percent degree.

Technical features:

  • No.1 Unified digital temperature and humidity sensor for MXPD Controller
  • No.1 Connection cable between Sensor and Controller of 50 centimeters length complete with multipolar connectors (the cable is already pre-installed on the sensor)
  • Completely designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Installation and user manual
  • EEC standards
  • Working range and accuracy:
    • Temperature from 10 to 50 Celsius degrees centigrade and 0,1 degrees accuracy
    • Humidity from 5 to 95 percent with 1% accuracy
Weight 1,9 kg

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