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R00A554 New humidity generator complete with transformer

SKU: R00A554-1

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Replacement module for the automatic humidifier of Maino Incubators. The kit consists of a power supply and generator module with vibrating membrane.


  • Consumable part - accessory for humidity generator module. The simultaneous purchase allows to contain future transport costs.

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New humidity generator module complete with transformer. When inserted in the special tank coupled to the machine (only for versions with DU function and electronic control card) it allows the relative humidity rate to be maintained stable in positive. Operation is fully automated and managed by the machine controller.

Technical features:

  • No.1 Very low voltage humidity generator module.
  • No.1 Power supply.
  • Installation and user manual.
  • EEC standards.
  • 2 years warranty for any manufacturing defect.

During ordinary operation, the membrane element present in the module gradually loses its performance (it is a part subject to consumption). The membrane is available as a spare part, code R00B555. We recommend purchasing this part when purchasing the module. Purchased together, it avoids the future transport costs of the single spare part.

Weight 1,9 kg

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