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R009010CC universal electric egg candler

SKU: R009010CC

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Egg candler for all types of eggs

R009010CC is the uncompromising egg candler, manufactured by us directly, it is not the usual cheap chinese product that is not even up to standard and regulations,

The R009010CC egg candler by MAINO runs on electricity, it is made entirely of molded co-extruded plastics and houses a cold light lighting element with very low energy consumption.

Basic tool of the hatchery room technician, but also of any breeder who wants to increase the hatching in his incubator. It can stay on for a long time, is ergonomically shaped, fits perfectly in the hand, does not heat up and projects a concentrated beam of light sufficient to control even an ostrich egg. Supplied complete with power cable, switch incorporated in the lamp holder and the cone that comes into contact with the eggs is fitted with a soft rubber ring.

The low consumption bulb is easily replaceable without the need for tools.

Technical features:

  • No.1 complete egg candler and already assembled
  • User manual
  • Voltage 230 Vac
  • EEC standards
  • Watt 12
  • Completely manufactured in ITALY


Weight 1,9 kg

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