Modular mesh structures for management, acclimatization and/or sowing of Galliformian Phasianids and other Animal species.

Modular Structures for Fauna Reintroduction:

Mesh structures with modular panels for acclimatization or sowing of Galliformian Phasianids and other Animal species, consisting of walls of reinforced metal mesh in steel frame treated with electro-galvanizing and modular as needed, by means of a movable interlocking with cylindrical rod also acting spike for fixing to the ground (element to be driven into the ground).

Panels available with three heights:

  • TEK 30.1 with panels of mt.1×1
  • TEK 30.2 with panels of mt.1 x 1,5h
  • TEK 30.3 with panels of mt.1 x 2h

Mesh texture available in two variants:

  • F1 cm. 3 x 10h
  • F2 cm. 2,8 x 2,8 the most recommended against vermin (predators, rats, stone martens, etc.).


The structures made up of 8 panels arranged in a square, with arches and roofing net, allow the containment and management of up to 30 Pheasants or 50 Gray Partridges, in full compliance with animal welfare regulations.

Accessories and Options:

  • Roof panels of identical manufacture of the walls.
  • Roof panels in water-repellent plastic material.
  • Roof panels made of metal sheets.
  • Anti-intrusion/anti-scratch platforms with dense mesh that can be folded over the external perimeter.
  • Structure with flexible cross arches.
  • Containment cover for integral protection in soft polymer mesh.
  • Central reinforcement rod for further support of the roof.
  • Panel with sliding door to facilitate service, exit and/or spontaneous return.
  • 20 kg silo feeder with rain cover.
  • Waste-proof siphon drinker with 30 liter reserve tank.
  • Perimeter strip in 0,75 m polymer mesh to be spread on the walls as a screen/windbreak.
  • Green or brown paint.

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