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Killing cones wall stand CSQ6.M


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Killing cones with wall-mounted stand for quails and pigeons

Killing cones with wall-mounted stand for quails and pigeons, complete with six killing cones and inclined blood collection groove to facilitate the drop towards the collection bucket.

The operation is extremely simple. After stunning, the birds must be introduced into the cones with the head turned down, making it come out from below; after that they can be slaughtered and left to bleed for the necessary time, before passing to the scalding tank.

The blood drips onto the inclined groove below which allows it to be discharged towards the lower side, to be sent to a collection bucket. The groove has one of the two sides very elongated and acts as a rear wall.

It is entirely made of stainless steel, the cones are removable and everything can be simply washed with a jet of water at the end of the bleeding operations.

Technical features:

  • Standard supplied with no.6 cones for quails and pigeons
  • Inclined blood collection groove
  • Fully made of stainless steel AISI 304 B2
  • Assembled dimensions cm. 100 x 50 h
  • Weight  Kg. 17
  • EEC standards
  • Completely designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Extremely simplified assembly

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