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Galiner “the real Chicken Coop for garden and your hens”

It resembles a country house with white walls and a red roof, the structure is thermo-insulated and can be completely opened, totally demountable without tools, for a deep and perfect cleaning.

It looks good and will make your neighbors envy, while ensuring the right safety for your hens.

Here is Galiner sn,

Galiner sn is not the usual chicken coop, is first and foremost a pleasant product with the right aesthetic personality, resembling a country house, with white walls and a red roof, which looks good and will make your neighbors envy, while ensuring the right safety for your hens.

When designing Galiner sn, we left nothing to chance;

The walls of  Galiner sn are obtained from co-extruded flat sandwich panels of high thickness with both external surfaces in solid plastic and with an insulating core always in foam plastic, this type of material guarantees high thermal insulation and considerable resistance to mechanic stress. Many profiles discreetly concealed assure the right balance and strength to the whole structure.

The roof of Galiner sn is obtained using flat composite plastic panels covered on both external surfaces with aluminum sheets painted with UV-resistant colors and designed to ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation.

But it doesn’t stop there;

Galiner sn is shipped completely disassembled and well packaged and is assembled without the need for any tools, everything is preformed to ensure a perfect fit, the roof is attached to the structure by means of special hinges and can be completely opened upwards.

Inside on the bottom, there are pre-formed panels of electro-welded mesh “anti-mouse mesh” that allow your animals to sleep safely. Two full-width platforms made of wooden slats are available on which the chickens can climb and rest.

The door of Galiner sn also has the function of a slide to facilitate both the entry and exit of the animals and particular grooves guarantee a suitable grip.

Galiner sn is easy to assemble and equally easy to disassemble and clean directly with any jet of water, for an unrivaled level of hygiene.

Galiner not only provides a source of eggs and allows to save money, but also allows you to naturally fertilize your garden with nitrogen-rich organic material “with chicken droppings”.

We thought of you when designing Galiner … and it is not necessary to break the piggy bank to buy Galiner sn

To make a long story short, Galiner sn

  • It has the appearance of a country cottage, a large space where your hens can live a happy life without constraints, in compliance with all international standards on animal welfare.
  • Designed and built by skilled hands who have made the history of the production of high quality objects at the service of the breeder.
  • It is strong and resistant, made with high quality raw materials, it does not require particular maintenance, the design is solid and functional, it guarantees the right air exchange and correct thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Lice, red mites and scabies will have a hard time, our panels do not allow eradication and the easy disassembly of the entire structure allows for unparalleled cleaning.
  • It is designed and built in Italy directly by US, a company that has made history in the poultry sector, one of the most copied in the world, which listens to customers and always meets their expectations.

Technical features GALINER sn:

  • No.1 disassembled chicken coop composed by;
    • no.4 pre-formed walls in expanded thermo-insulated plastic material covered on both sides with white rigid plastic sheets
    • no.2 roof panels in rigid plastic material coated on both sides with red painted aluminum sheets resistant to UV rays
    • no.1 door in expanded and heat-insulating plastic material covered on both sides with white rigid plastic sheets
    • no.3 electro-welded galvanized mesh bottom panels
    • no.1 kit of hinges for roof and door
    • no.1 reinforcement beam made of plastic material
    • no.4 reinforcement joists made of plastic material, also with function of support of the bottom panels
    • no.2 wooden slats with platform function
    • Arrangement for optional two-spaces nest
  • Installation and user manual
  • Capacity of 8 – 10 adult hens
Weight 140 kg

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