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Galiner G2 is “the real garden Chicken Coop for your hens”, it resembles a country house and if necessary it can be completely disassembled for a perfect deep cleaning. It looks beautiful and will make your neighbors envy, ensuring the right safety for your chickens.


  • Nido per galline a 2 spazi, in metallo pre-formato ad incastri, smontato pronto da assemblare senza utensili. Assemblato si applica all'esterno sulla parete laterale del Galiner nelle apposite asole già predisposte.

  • Recinto in rete completo di chiusura superiore, crea uno spazio esterno connesso al Galiner, consente alle galline di razzolare all'esterno senza poter scappare, allo stesso tempo tiene lontano qualsiasi predatore.

  • Riscaldatore elettrico Caldo Bello con termostato, per mantenere al calduccio le galline, durante la stagione invernale quando il freddo si fa più intenso. Acquistato insieme al Galiner permette di risparmiare sul prezzo e sul costo di trasporto.

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Here is Galiner G2, the house for your hens, a simple and functional closed space that looks like a country house, the perfect shelter where you can raise your hens with the right safety.

It is not the usual chicken coop, Galiner G2 is a product with a strong aesthetic personality, it looks good and will make your neighbors envy, while ensuring the safety of your hens.

Inside there are two wooden platforms on which the chickens can rest, the bottom is made of pre-formed panels of electro-welded “anti-mouse” mesh and the only door has particular grip grooves for the legs and is also used as entrance/exit chute.

The structure is manufactured with CNC machinery from OSB3 panels (wood and resin chips), it is extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, insects, parasites, etc. it can be painted over and is shipped disassembled. The preforming is very precise, guarantees perfect joints and is assembled without the need for tools.

The Galiner chicken coop is not difficult to move to different areas of your plot of land (the weight is low) and with your hens you get both a source of fresh eggs and the natural fertilization of the soil below with organic material rich in nitrogen “from droppings” allowing you to save time and money.

Technical features:

  • No.1 Galiner G2 disassembled, consisting of all the elements listed below in raw unpainted OSB3;
    • no.4 walls with provision for optional accessories NG and RG.
    • no.2 roof panels (these are made of UV-resistant thermo-insulating PVC).
    • no.1 shaped door.
    • no.2 electro-welded galvanized mesh panels “anti-mouse mesh”.
    • no.4 hinges for the roof + no. 2 hinges for the door.
    • no.1 central under-roof beam designed to install the optional CB1 heater.
    • no.4 reinforcement joists and support of the bottom mesh.
    • no.2 wooden slats with platform function.
    • no.1 feeder.
    • no.1 drinker.

The photo shows the Galiner G2 chicken coop assembled, with the optional NG nest.

Three interesting accessories are available as an option:

  • CB1 Caldo Bello electric heater with thermostat, to keep the hens warm during the winter season when the cold becomes more intense.
  • NG practical nest for laying eggs, with two separate places and an egg hiding system that prevents the hens from finding and eating them (the eggs are collected from the outside by lifting a lid).
  • RG mesh corral complete with top closure, it creates an external space connected to the Galiner and allows the hens to scratch outside without being able to escape, at the same time keeping away any predator.

MAINO is a historic company in the production of high quality tools at the service of the breeder. Galiner G2 is designed in full compliance with international standards on animal welfare, is made with quality materials and does not require special maintenance. The structure is solid, functional, guarantees the right air exchange and correct thermal and acoustic insulation. OSB3 panels do not allow the eradication of Lice, Red Mites, Scabies, etc. it is easy to assemble and equally easy to disassemble for a deep cleaning (even with a pressure washer and degreasing detergents) for an unrivaled level of hygiene.

Weight 150 kg

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