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MXPT Controller Update

SKU: R1571D-1

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MXPT Controller Update

With the intention of making our products more performing, we introduced a new single sensor (code R01565D) technologically more modern, which replaces the old analog sensors: temperature probe and wet bulb humidity probe (very precise but impractical). This new component communicates directly with the microprocessor which dedicates the computing power to the management of temperature and humidity, not wasting time in other operations. The increase in performance compared to the previous version, obtains more precision with the very linear display of temperature and humidity.

The transition to this new technology is available as an option, also to all owners of incubators and hatchers with MXPT controllers and old analog probes, but only by sending the controller back (or part of the machine) to our headquarters.

The operation consists in updating the operating system and replacing 1 or 2 analog probes (depending on the model) with a single new R01565D sensor. Obviously, if the machine also controlled humidity, there will no longer be a need for wicks.

The offer is structured as follows:

  • Remove only the controller (without probes), or only the upper part of the machine.
  • Pack everything well.
  • When everything is ready, call us and we will send our courier to collect the package from you for its return to our service. (valid only for Italy)
  • Upon receipt, the controller will be updated with the new operating system and the new R01565D sensor will be installed.
  • The sensor calibration will then be performed.
  • At the end of the operation, everything will be packed again and sent back to the address where we had previously collected it. (valid only for Italy)

Warning, for future calibration operations recommended at the beginning of each season, and also to check the perfect functioning of the machine, we recommend the purchase of the following accessory:

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