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SKU: T1 BASIC generatore d'ozono entry level

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T1 BASIC is the entry-level ozone generator that quickly eliminates any viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, etc. from the air, it removes bad smells, aromas and stinks without the need for other chemicals or deodorants. It is entirely produced by us O3M in Italy, it is easy to program, low voltage power supply, high degree of safety.

The O3M by Maino section has been engineering and manufacturing ozone generators in Italy since 1984, our generators have been used for many years in civil, health, industrial, pharmaceutical, military sectors, etc. to solve serious problems where chemistry and science fail.

O3M-BLU Selective ozone bluetooth environmental monitor

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Ozone Generator T1 BASIC – Italian Product

  • Ozone generator for sanitizing all environments with the following technical features:
  • High sanitizing performance, it eliminates viruses, pathogens, bacteria in a few minutes, eliminates stinks, unpleasant odors, fungi, molds, spores, mites, etc., leaving the environment with a feeling of freshness, re-oxygenated and pleasantly deodorized.
  • Box made of plastic coated metal in white color (high corrosion resistance).
  • Operation programmer for room treatment up to 90 m3 in 60 minutes.
    • Single time operation “in the absence of people and animals”.
    • Infinite cycle time operation “even in the presence of people and animals” – TWA-TLV.
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the function.
  • Ozone distribution with built-in fan.
  • Main switch.
  • Ozone production warning light.
  • Very low voltage power supply.
  • Cable with 230Volt power supply.
  • Total power 40 Watt.
  • Made in Italy at our Como headquarters.
  • Instructions with times table for the type of environment to be treated.
  • CE certified.
  • Dimensions cm. 20 x 30 x 11,5.
  • Weight Kg. 2,2.
Weight 3 kg

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