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eMylo DC 12V 1 Channel Smart Remote Control Switch Transmitter RF Wireless Relay Module Remote Control RF Home Automation DIY Light Switch 433Mhz


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Relay wireless eMylo DC 12V 1 channel

Relay wireless eMylo DC 12V 1 channel complete with 433Mhz RF remote control switch for DIY home automation systems and other remote control purposes.


  • 433Mhz RF wireless remote control relay switch with stable performance and high receiving sensitivity.
  • 12 Volt direct current power supply.
  • Radio frequency signal transmission can pass through walls, floors, doors, panels, etc. and outdoors without obstacles it can be controlled up to about 20 meters away.
  • Extremely easy to configure with 3 operating modes to choose according to your needs.
  • Relay 10 A to drive electrical devices with the possibility of operation with both NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) contact.
  • Two-channel remote control.

Very versatile product with wide possibilities of application in everyday life, it can be used to switch on and off remotely: lights, electrical equipment, pumps, valves, boilers, motors, gates, doors, garages, alarms, bells, industrial controls, security, etc.

Remote control battery not included

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