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Small incubator/hatcher for teaching and home use, capacity 16 hen eggs and automatic eggs turning. The miracle of life available to everyone, enclosed in a small space. Ventilation and heating distribution from the center to the roof and down along the walls to under the eggs to create an insulating barrier, the same techniques that have distinguished MAINO incubators since 1945.
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  • Incubator or hatcher / or both.
  • Dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan.
  • Box with roof and bottom made of red plastic-coated metal and transparent insulating plexiglass walls.
  • Corner profiles in aluminum alloy.
  • Bayonet door made of transparent insulating plexiglass.
  • Automatic eggs turning with 1 universal adjustable eggs turning tray.
  • Any type of egg (eggs in horizontal position as in the hen’s nest).
  • Universal tray with adjustable spaces to incubate all types of eggs.
  • Ventilation with insulating effect.
  • Analog thermostat, only Temperature control.
  • Thermometer in Celsius degrees with LCD display.
  • Manual humidity adjustment with water trays in the lower part.
  • Power from watt 130 and average consumption from 40 watt / hour.
  • Design and construction in Italy according to EEC standards.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use.
  • Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Weight Kg. 5.
  • Total eggs capacity:
    • 16 Hen – Duck – Domestic Turkey.
    • 18 Pheasant – Guinea Fowl – Bantam.
    • 22 Quail – Grey Partridge.
    • 20 Red partridge (alectoris rufa).
    • 6 Goose – Giant Turkey – Peacock

Unlike strange rumors on the web: In 1948 our founder Maino Enrico patented the idea of eggs turning by tilting row by row (today, it is the most copied idea in the world of small and medium capacities); In the industrial machines “that we manufacture up to 127.000 eggs in a single box” the eggs are inserted vertically because all the loading/unloading mechanization is simplified, moreover the capacities are greater than in horizontal positioning, while if the eggs were in horizontal position there would be a lot “too many” of problems to solve, “but … the eggs still hatch in both positions”.

Weight 14 kg

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