The Power of Ozone:

As you could read, both in our various technical publications and in literature in general, ozone is one of the gases that composes the earth’s atmosphere, that man breathes along with all other living beings.

During thunderstorms due to powerful electrical discharges (lightning), ozone is concentrated more in the air, but like all gases it is colorless, can not be seen, but only perceived through the sense of smell, in which case it is recognized due to the characteristic pungent odor it emanates.

Now, let’s get to the questions we are usually asked. In reality, they are always two and always the same:

  1. How can we see and understand that there is ozone?
  2. How can we understand that it works?

Explaining to people what ozone is, it is not easy. We could use images, drawings and words, even the simplest and poorest ones we know, but it will always be difficult to make people understand what it really is, leaving the result to the most fervent collective imagination.

Hence the need arises, to show both the functioning and the presence of ozone.

To do this and give meaning to the explanation, here in O3M, we thought to film a short test that allows you to visually perceive one of the many benefits obtainable with ozone “the whitening”. Before watching the video, we recommend to everyone to read our short introduction:

We used our portable ozone generator model LINDO for the test, a device that we sell equipped with pipe outlet, ready to be used for the treatment of water for human consumption (drinking water) or that can also be used to obtain sanitizing water for any type of cleaning without using other chemical products.

1) We filled a basin with 2 liters of normal water, taken from a tap connected to the municipal water supply.

2) We took a dark purple drawing marker, “a normal marker like the one that everyone has used to draw at least once in their life “.

3) We removed the back cap from it, extracted the spongy substrate soaked in color and squeezed it into the water to obtain water of a nice dark purple color; after that we transferred the water into a small 2 liters tank.

4) We have therefore placed a pipe with diffuser into the tank up to the bottom and put the ozone generator into operation.

The achieved result is the one you can watch in the video lasting about 50 seconds “the original lasts just under 3 minutes”, published on youtube …