Plucking machine

mk1 spiumatrice

The automatic plucking machine for poultry and game MK1 allows to carry out the plucking autonomously
and without any contact with the moving parts of the machinery, after the prior step of scalding in hot
water at 60/62 °C for a few seconds.

Simply place the animals (one or more at a time) in the drum for a few moments and the plucking is
carried out safely, quietly and in a clean way.

MK1 plucking machne is fully demountable and the cleaning operations simple and fast.

Technical characteristics:

  • Plucking capacity up to 120/140 birds/hour
  • Drum supplied with no.123 flexible rubber fingers ∗ Upper protection cover
  • Electric motor and gearbox 1 Hp., kW.0,75
  • Safety switch with release coil
  • Structure made of stainless steel AISI 304.2B
  • No.2 wheels + no. 2 adjustable feet
  • Fully demountable
  • Assembled dimensions cm. 65x70x105 h
  • Net weight Kg. 55
  • CEE standards
  • Completely designed and manufactured in Italy