O3M Oxicide – Line Professional

Generator of Oxicide blend (Ozone+Negative Ions)

Entry Level model of the professional line, ultra-compact, portable.

Technical features:

  • Generator of Oxicide Blend composed by Ozone and medium density Negative Ions.
  • Semi-sealed reaction cell – corona discharge.
  • Oil-less compressor.
  • Manual molecular sieve filter (rigenerable).
  • Autonomous production automatically controlled.
  • Designed for Deodorize and Sanitize at HACCP level, Materials, Work Environments, Home Environments, Garages, etc.
  • Structure made of stainless steel AISI 304B2 CNC machined.
  • Model for air and water treatment.
  • Ventilator for distribution and recirculation of 100 cubic meters air/hour.
  • Nozzle for pipe connection.
  • 3 meters of ozone resistant pipe.
  • Ceramic micro-bubble diffuser.
  • Very low energy consumption.
  • Total Power 100 Watt.
  • Operating voltage 230Vca +10/-15%.
  • Operating frequency 50Hz ± 5%.
  • EEC standards.
  • Dimensions in mm. 280*320*200 height.
  • Weight Kg. 6.
  • Fully manufactured in ITALY by our company in the province of Como.
  • Product warranty according to law.
  • Maximum treatment volume – cmh (cubic meters per hours):
    • Air sanitation 33 cmh
    • Water sanitation 2 cmh
    • Air deodorizing 99 cmh