O3M Oxicide – Professional Line

Generators of Oxicide Blend (Ozone+Negative Ions)

Milestone of the production, specifically designed to sanitize and deodorize Hotel rooms

Technical features:

Model HTS was designed in collaboration with a well-known international hotels chain that has over 35 luxury 4-star hotels with properties all over the world; their need was to have a high-performance equipment, with very high safety features and a product life of more than 5 years.

During the careful study of this device, we considered the valuable materials usually present in the rooms, the standard problems encountered by the staff from customer to customer (odor of cigarette, pipes and cigars smoke smoke odors – perfumes and smells of cosmetics, etc. .) but also the more usual requests of the customers, the cleaning timing of the room and not least the health of the staff involved in this process.

After a few months of tests, we have come to the standardized construction of this product that we have called HTS (acronym of Hotel) a specifically designed appliance for the deodorization and sterilization treatment of the Hotel rooms.

Model HTS is equipped with a high flow fan of 650 cubic meters of air/hour and with units with autonomous ventilation for the catalyzing of any residual ozone in order to convert it back into oxygen, so as to allow staff to enter room safely to remove the appliance and immediately move it to another room, leaving the freshly cleaned room immediately ready for a new use.

  • HTS is an appliance that assures high efficiency of sterilization and deodorizing with extremely reduced operational times; only 14 minutes are enough for a room of 70 cubic meters.

    • HTS is marketed complete with everything necessary to assure the full safety of the staff in charge.
    • Both switching on and the possible early emergency switching off of HTS take place at distance, outside the room during treatment, using the appropriate supplied remote control.
    • A sound indicator warns that the equipment is operating.
    • A practical timer, to be applied to the door handle on the outside of the room, confirms at which point is the treatment phase.