WardrO3be AIR

Basic model of our Wardrobes range, it works with dried air and is equipped with:

  • Adjustable cycle timer;
  • no.5 metal grid shelves with variable height;
  • no.2 slats for hanging clothes;
  • Main switch;
  • Cyclic start button;
  • Treatment time display;
  • Oil-less compressor;
  • Automatic regeneration dryer;
  • Catalyst filter for oxygen reconversion of the residual blend;
  • Door with lock and time lock;
  • Box made of stainless steel (standard polished – optional Scotch-Brite finish, or coated with personalized adhesive film);
  • Hermetic sealed;
  • Total used power 0,3 kW;
  • Voltage 230 Volt ac;
  • Typical consumption per treatment, 0,05 kWh. (50 watt).

We did test our machines at the University of Milan to certify and confirm the goodness of the treatments with the total inhibition of proliferations and contaminants. The certifications ensure that aseptic levels perfectly meet the demands of the various health facilities, even without the need to wash every time clothes and various subsidies.

Our line O3M Disinfection Wardrobe is perfect not only for medical health facilities, but also in the self-service and industrial laundries, in the various food industries, in clothes shops and resales, dealers of motorcycles and accessories, anywhere are required effective deodorizations, disinfections and sterilizations without equal. The wardrobes are designed by us and manufactured in standardized versions that can be placed everywhere, but in the case of specific needs, we can manufacture them tailored to better adapt them to the different structural and environmental needs of our customers. Inside all our wardrobes, the Oxicide Blend composed by “ozone and negative ions” is generated at a very high density; being this blend a very rich gas, it easily penetrates into the fibers and the most hidden and inaccessible places, getting much better results than the ones that are usually achieved with other appliances.