O3M Disinfection Wardro3be

This range of wardrobes has been studied specifically for the total neutralization of: viruses, bacteria, spores, fungus, molds, blood substances, body fluids, unpleasant odors, germs, organic and inorganic substances, etc.

General technical data: Deodorant, Disinfectant and Sterilant Wardrobes complete of high density ozone generation system and autonomous production automatically controlled, equipped with systems to ensure all the necessary safety and catalyst systems of the residual ozone. 

Products studied for the deodorization, disinfection and sanitation also at HACCP level of: all kinds of clothing, Toys, Plushes, Shoes, Boots, Leather, Gowns, Overalls, etc.

Suggested use for: self-service and not laundries, private homes, medical offices, hospital workers, senior centers, nursing homes, supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable processing companies, wineries, diary companies.

External structure made of painted galvanized steel coated with red pvc and inside made of stainless steel (or fully made of stainless steel with various finishes), EEC Certification, completely manufactured in ITALY by our company in the province of Como; Warranty according to law.

The line O3M Wardro3be has 3 models:

  • Wardro3be Oxy, top of the range complete with everything needed to work 24 hours a day in a totally autonomous way, it must be only connected to the electric socket!
  • Wardro3be Can, it differs from the Oxy model due to the presence of the oxygen tank to be replaced “when it is necessary” with a new oxygen tank, after that it returns to be available 24 hours a day.
  • Wardro3be Air basic model.

The functionality of these devices has its perfect application on common medical clothing such as medical gowns and shoes, but also on many other items and accessories that usually are complicated to wash and dry, all those elements that can not be washed as frequently as you would like. For the most part, items that are always in contact with the people we most care like our children, the elderly and disabled persons.

  • We mention a few examples below:
    • Toys and soft Plushes: almost always not really “washable”.
    • Garments with special inserts, footwear, tailored anatomical supports, helmets.
    • Leather even the softer beautiful and precious ones, like suede, but all leathers in general, soft leather, etc.
    • Always is health branch: wheelchairs, crutches, medical subsidies.
    • Moving to other applications, we also find working tools even the more common ones as knives, scissors, pliers, bistoury, blades, etc.
    • The areas where our wardrobes can be used are really many and with the advent of new electronic miniaturization technologies and industrial production on a large scale, they are finally available and affordable for everyone!

We by O3M, we manufacture wardrobes of large dimensions for big structures such as to accept a full hospital bed, but also little ones for localized treatments of small parts and precious objects that are located in: kitchens, bars, butcher shops, etc..

This type of equipment ensures, in a very short time, a high level of disinfection and sterilization of all that is placed inside for the treatment.

We did test our machines at the University of Milan to certify and confirm the goodness of the treatments with the total inhibition of proliferations and contaminants. The certifications ensure that aseptic levels perfectly meet the demands of the various health facilities, even without the need to wash every time clothes and various subsidies.

Our line O3M Disinfection Wardrobe is perfect not only for medical health facilities, but also in the self-service and industrial laundries, in the various food industries, in clothes shops and resales, dealers of motorcycles and accessories, anywhere are required effective deodorizations, disinfections and sterilizations without equal. 

The wardrobes are designed by us and manufactured in standardized versions that can be placed everywhere, but in the case of specific needs, we can manufacture them tailored to better adapt them to the different structural needs of our customers.

Always on request as an option, we can interface our high performance physical absorption drying systems, but with very low energy consumption.

Inside all our wardrobes, ozone is generated at a very high density; being our ozone a very rich gas, it easily penetrates into the fibers and the most hidden and inaccessible places, getting much better results than the ones that are usually achieved with other appliances.