SRG (acronym of Surgical Instruments and Supplies – instruments, accessories and surgical supplies)

SRG is an appliance with high density ozone generator incorporated in a cabinet-like structure with horizontal development, to be placed on a stable surface (table or shelf).

We have specifically designed and manufactured SRG to remedy the several sterilization problems of tools and accessories daily used in clinics, hospitals, doctors and dentists.

The perfect sterilization of the surgical instruments, accessories and supplies is an extremely serious operation, which unfortunately is not always done as it should be; first of all because of the very short times, sometimes nonexistent, between one patient and another, and moreover because of the inadequate quantities of equipment and tools available to operators.

Knowing the high inactivation potential offered by Ozone, we thought about how to apply it for this specific sector and that’s how the SRG model was born; it is a device that exponentially simplifies and speeds up the various methods necessary to sterilize the surgical equipment, compared to other machinery and systems.

It takes a few minutes for a deep sterilization and energy consumption is just as low if we think about the obtained advantages and results;

only 5 operation minutes (= only 15 watts of energy consumption) are enough to sterilize 4 scalpels, 4 scissors, 4 retractors and also other elements.

Everything happens inside the SRG cabinet in a very compact space totally sealed from the external environment. There are two stainless steel mesh baskets inside of it, in which to lay the instruments after having only washed them with cold water.

  • Very compact shape (mm. 100 x 400 x 500) and weight 6 Kg.
  • Access door hinged on the back of the unit, it opens by rotating backwards.
  • Security lock with key.
  • no.2 stainless steel baskets, that take quite all the interior space.
  • Voltage: 230 Vac.
  • Total power: 50 Watt (4,17 A)
  • Very low energy consumption.