(acronym of Blade – Knife)

BDS is an appliance with high density ozone generator incorporated in a cabinet-like structure with vertical development, to be hanged fixed to the wall. 

We have designed BDS to solve the sterilization problems of cutlery, tools and accessories commonly used in butchers and meat processing industry.

Washing blades and knives with hot water and/or steam unfortunately causes the defect of always having to sharpen them, this because the temperature smooths the cutting edge. This defect is even more emphasized by autoclave sterilization systems where high temperature and pressure heat treatments modify and drastically remove the cutting edge, reducing at the same time the average life of the equipment; furthermore, the above-mentioned sterilization technique has very long implementation times.

Ozone has a high sterilizing power that acts on any element that comes into contact with it in very short times; using BDS for blades, cutlery, accessories and various equipment, it is not necessary to wash them with hot water, simply use normal cold water, Ozone will take care of the rest..

It takes a few minutes for a deep sterilization and energy consumption is just as low if we think about the obtained advantages and results:

Only 5 operation minutes and 15 watts of energy consumption are enough to sterilize 8 knives, 1 cleaver, 1 meat mallet and other elements.

Everything happens inside the BDS cabinet in space totally sealed from the external environment. There is a rack inside it, where to hang the cutlery and accessories and in the lower part there is a little stainless steel basket, in which to lay the instruments after having only rinsed or washed them with cold water.

  • Very compact shape (mm. 150 x 450 x 600)
  • Weight 6 Kg.
  • Access door hinged on the side, it opens to the right or on request to the left.
  • Security lock with key.
  • Rack to hang blades and knives.
  • Full-width stainless steel basket.
  • Voltage: 230 Vac.
  • Total power: 50 Watt (4,17 A).
  • Very low energy consumption.

For an even higher benefit, in addition to BDS, a Terminator device will allow to obtain a mixture of water + ozone with high detergent/sanitizing power and, at the same time, also to have an efficient blast – sanitizer, which mixes ozone to the air for the sanitizing treatment of the whole environment.