O3M Oxicide – Line Regular

Regular is the name of the line that includes three of our appliances (one to be installed vertically on the wall and two to be placed horizontally on a flat surface) specifically designed and manufactured to sterilize and sanitize manual work tools, for three important specific sectors:

  1. Medical and Dental practices

  2. Butchers

  3. Hairdressers and Barbers

Generic description:

  • Horizontal or vertical installation cabinet, fully sealed.
  •  Fully transparent closing door.
  • Distribution and recirculation with double fan (noise-less).
  • High density ozone generation cell, with closed circuit and automatically controlled.
  • Cycle timing with digital display.
  • Structure made of stainless steel and solid white pvc, CNC machined.
  • EEC Certification, completely manufactured in Italy in our headquarters in Como.
  • Warranty according to law.

The line O3M Regular is composed by 3 models:


Cabinet with horizontal installation to be placed on a flat surface, specific for Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists.


Vertical cabinet to be hanged fixed to the wall, specific for Butchers and Salumeries.


Cabinet with horizontal installation to be placed on a flat surface, specific for Hairdressers and Barbers.


The Regular devices were born for the solution of typical problems daily found in the three above mentioned sectors, to obtain Disinfection, Hygiene and Health Safety, unfortunately and always with very high operating costs. With the use of the Regular devices, it is no longer necessary to wash tools and instruments with hot water and then sterilize them with high pressure steam inside a autoclave.

With the Regular devices with only 5 minutes and low electric consumption, we guarantee the highest level of hygiene and sterilization with the total neutralization of: viruses, bacteria, germs, spores, fungi, molds, blood substances, organic substances, as well as a deep deodorization of everything treated.

In the line Regular, ozone is generated at a very high density, this detail guarantees maximum penetration also in the most hidden and inaccessible points, getting much better results than the ones that are usually achieved with other appliances and sanitation systems.

The whole line Regular is designed and manufactured by us in our only headquarter in Como with standardization criteria, but in the case of specific needs, we can manufacture them tailored to better adapt the product to the needs of our customers.

We did test our machines at the University of Milan to certify and confirm the goodness of the treatments with the total inhibition of proliferations and contaminants. The certifications ensure that aseptic levels perfectly meet the demands of the various health facilities, even without the need to wash every time clothes and various subsidies.

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