O3M Oxicide – Professional Line
BUS1 – BUS2 – BUS3 – BUS4

Generators of Oxicide Blend (Ozone+Negative Ions)
specific for Coaches and Buses

Technical features:

All the BUS models have a horizontal development, are wheeled and equipped with 2 high capacity fans:

  • versions BUS1 and BUS2 with fans of 500 cubic meters air/hour each,
  • while versions BUS3 and BUS4 with fans of 680 cubic meters air/hour each

The two fans are installed at the two opposite extremity of the appliance so that once it is placed at the center of the vehicle’s corridor, the coverage of a much larger area is obtained than that which could be obtained with one or more fans with a single direction.

Technical times of sterilization and total neutralization of: viruses, bacteria, germs, spores, fungi, molds, blood substances, organic substances (vomit, etc.) and inorganic substances, as well as a deep deodorizing of everything treated:

  • BUS1 sterilizes a 54-person bus in 55 minutes
  • BUS2sterilizes a 54-person bus in 35 minutes
  • BUS3 sterilizes a 54-person bus in 15 minutes
  • BUS4 sterilizes a 54-person bus in just 8 minutes

In the BUS line, ozone is generated at a very high density, this detail guarantees maximum penetration also in the most hidden and inaccessible points, getting much better results than the ones that are usually achieved with other appliances and sanitation systems.

The whole BUS line is designed and manufactured by us in our only headquarter in Como with standardization criteria, but in the case of specific needs, we can manufacture them tailored to better adapt the product to the needs of our customers.

In addition to the distribution and recirculation fans, there are two additional service fans of 100 cubic meters each.
Operating voltage 230Vca +10/-15%
Operating frequency 50Hz ± 5%
EEC standards.
Dimensions in mm. and weight:

  • BUS1 360 x 320 x 760 – 12 Kg.
  • BUS2 360 x 320 x 980 – 18 Kg.
  • BUS3 380 x 320 x 980 – 25 Kg.
  • BUS4 380 x 320 x 980 – 32 Kg.

Fully manufactured in ITALY by our company in the province of Como.
Product warranty according to law.