O3M Oxicide – Professional Line

The Professional line includes some of our appliances dedicated to various professional sectors, all these devices can also be used for other civil, industrial and military purposes.

These are the models:

  • MINI 10 W the smallest model, the starting point for subsequent expansions.
  • RIS1-Ax and RIS2-AX are two models designed for the HO.RE.CA. sector, hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, etc.
  • AMBULANZ the specific model for the sanitation of all types of rescue vehicles.
  • HTS milestone of the production, specifically designed to sanitize and deodorize hotel rooms.
  • BUS 1 – BUS 2 – BUS 3 – BUS 4  appliance in four variants, designed to sanitize and deodorize buses.

Generic description:

These devices can be both horizontal and vertical.
Some models to be fixed installed, other wheeled and other transportable.
All are made of stainless steel CNC machined and can have details in solid white pvc.
High density ozone generation cells.
Dry air or oxygen supply.
With automatic regeneration molecular sieves.
Cycle management with digital display.
Remote control ON/OFF.
EEC Certification, completely manufactured in Italy in our headquarters in Como.
Warranty according to law.

Di seguito i dettagli tecnici che differiscono da modello a modello:

It is our “small” portable professional class ozone generator, for the treatment up to 99 cubic meters of air/hour – or up to 2000 liters of water/hour.


Our fac-totum models to be installed fixed, for all sectors such as:

  • Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café, Catering and similar of the hotel industry).
  • Animal breeding.
  • Eggs incubation and hatching rooms.
  • Butcher’s shops.
  • Factories of cured meats and sausages in general.
  • Cold rooms.
  • Pastry smaking.
  • Food industries in general.
  • Etc. etc. … .

A really special model, designed to meet the sterilization needs of all types of vehicles used by the first aid health sector and transport of patients, where time is like gold if not more!

Model HTS was designed specifically for the treatment of hotel rooms; during the study of this appliance we considered the precious materials usually present in the rooms, the more usual requests of the customers, the cleaning timing of a room and not least the health of the operators.

BUS1 – BUS2 – BUS3 – BUS4
Models BUS were created to meet the needs of some of our friends, who requested some appliances specifically designed for deodorizing and sterilizing their buses and coaches. We have therefore manufactured two devices with different sizes and we have submitted them to their attention, and they became our loyal customers.

We did test our machines at the University of Milan to certify and confirm the goodness of the treatments with the total inhibition of proliferations and contaminants. The certifications ensure that aseptic levels perfectly meet the demands of the various health facilities, even without the need to wash every time clothes and various subsidies.