O3M Oxicide – Line Power

Model Terminator was created to solve problems in a garage that does maintenance, repairs and rentals of Campers and Caravans.

Their first necessity was to effectively remove the smell of glues and resins used for repairs, persistant unpleasant odors difficult to remove, even with the best spray and aerosol products on the market; The second request was the desire to rent to customers well sanitized vehicles free from smells and odors, coming from previous rentals such as cooking odors, cigarette smoke, pipes and cigars, perfumes of cosmetics, organic and inorganic substances, etc. The third request was the possibility to sell a deodorizing and sanitizing service for the interior of cars and vans, for anyone, in order to further remunerate their revenues.

Terminator it develops vertically, the structure is completely made of stainless steel (with different finishes) and designed to withstand mechanical stress over time, it has a practical handle, two wheels and two feet that facilitate handling and parking, while there is a fan of 500 cubic meters of air/hour to distribute ozone in the space to be treated.

  • Terminator assures a high deodorizing efficiency with extremely reduced operational times; only 15 minutes of operation are enough to carry out the reclamation of a camper of about 25 cubic meters.

To ensure maximum safety of the involved personnel, switching on and the possible early emergency switching off take place outside the vehicle at distance, by means of a handy supplied remote control supplied, a sound and light indicator warns that the equipment is operating.

It is a high-performance industrial class appliance, with very high safety features, whose typical life span is over 5 years (respecting the annual maintenance rule).

Technical features:

  • Generator of Oxicide Blend composed by Ozone and high density Negative Ions.
  • Semi-sealed reaction cell – corona discharge.
  • Oil-less compressor.
  • Molecular sieve with manual regeneration for air drying.
  • Production automatically controlled.
  • Programmer with digital display for setting of treatment times.
  • Designed for deodorize, sanitize and sterilize any type of vehicle.
  • Structure made of stainless steel AISI 304B2 CNC machined.
  • High performance fan 500 cubic meters air/hour.
  • Remote control for switching on and off at distance.
  • Sound indicator for appliance operating .
  • Operating voltage 230Vac +10/-15%.
  • Operating frequency 50Hz ± 5%.
  • EEC Standards.
  • Dimensions mm. 360 x 320 x 760 height.
  • Total weight 15 Kg.
  • Fully manufactured in ITALY by our company in the province of Como.
  • Product warranty according to the law.