O3M by Maino – Line Power

We designed the line Power as an entry level to ozone treatment systems, to effectively deodorize small and medium size spaces, environments and volumes in order to achieve also a deep sanitation with total reduction of spores, germs, bacterial and viral loads, a concrete stop to mold from the walls, the reduction of seasonal diseases, etc.

There are really many application fields, for example the inside of vehicles and cars, cold rooms, warehouses, offices, home environments, etc. without forgetting the possibility of injecting ozone into water to obtain a sanitizing mixture for several uses.

The line Power operates with a voltage of 230 volts and a very little energy consumption, the ozone distribution in the air is totally autonomous and takes place by means of incorporated fans; in the Mini-Terminator model, which is intended for civil use in private houses, we mount ultra-noiseless fans so as not to disturb the home quiet.

The line Power is already equipped with a nozzle to connect an ozone resistant pipe, with micro-bubbles diffuser (optional), which allows to enrich water with ozone and to obtain an ecological sanitizer that acts on any surface with high efficiency; while washing, it also penetrates the fibers of the tissues, decontaminates the surface of fruit and vegetables, etc., etc., always without polluting the environment.

General description of all appliances of the line Power:

Appliances with Deodorizing or Sanitizing function “they disinfect and sterilize; Semi-sealed reaction cell fed by compressed air (normal or dried); Oil-less compressor; Generation of Oxicide Blend “Ozone + Medium-Density Negative Ions”; Structure made of rigid white PVC with stainless steel details (or fully stainless steel) CNC machined; Practical carrying handle; Some versions are wheeled; Manufactured in Italy in our headquarters in Como; Certification and warranty according to law.

The line POWER has 3 models:

Ultra-compact model very light and easily transportable anywhere, ideal for the home, to be carried along also during travels / vacations, it consumes very little energy and provides an effective deodorization and hygiene in the environments in which it is housed, but it does much more ….

Fac-totum transportable model, 7 times more performing than model Mini-Terminator, it operates at 230Volt, deodorizes and sanitizes with very little energy compared to the offered potentialities, its compact dimensions allow an easy handling.

Fac-totum model, wheeled and fully made in stainless steel for any type of treatment, very performing, it operates at 230Volt, deodorizes and sanitizes with very short times and very little energy compared to the offered potentialities, the wheels allow an easy handling as if it were a trolley suitcase.

The Ozone Generators O3M by MAINO are usually used by the University of Milan and tested to validate both the goodness of the treatments and the total inhibition of bacteria, viruses, proliferations or contaminations, to ensure high hygiene standards, in line with current health legislation.