O3M ozone generators do not make strange magics spells, they are very versatile devices that find application in many sectors, solving the most disparate problems, even the most difficult to manage.

Ozone O3 is gas, that acts indistinctly both in the air and in liquids.

Clarity in the information: If applied alone, ozone guarantees high standards of hygiene, but if used mixed with other compounds, it performs its function more quickly and also allows to benefit from economic savings, which can reach up to 50% less compared to traditional systems.

For example: Recent studies carried out by the University of Milan Dep. of Veterinary Medicine have shown that in a farm of pig for slaughter with 6,500 heads in the supply chain, using ozone in the air of sheds and ozone in the water given to drink + some organic natural derivation medicines, the annual savings of the company amounted to an amount higher than 61.000 € compared to the previous year, where the company used a chemical/pharmacological program.

Moreover, the use of ozone has led to the improvement of the hygiene aspects in the structures, increasing the animal productivity of 35% (+ animals = + gain).

Nowadays, we believe that, even an amount of less than 61.000 € per year and more production without structural changes, these reasons are enough to seriously consider the purchase of an ozone generator system.

The above mentioned economic saving already takes into account the purchase cost of the installed ozone generator system.


O3M by MAINO – A quality brand
we created the word OXICIDE and it means
“Oxygen that becomes Ozone + Negative Ions to facilitate a natural sanitation”

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