Uses vs Models: list of the most typical applications and the most used models.
What our customers buy more often, to solve their problems and their needs.

  • Deodorizing and Sanitation of waiting rooms:

  • Sterilization of surgical tools for Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians:

  • Water potabilization of Camper and Caravan + Deodorizing and Sanitation of living spaces:

  • Sterilization of combs, scissors, razors, sponges and wipes for Hairdressers and Barbers:

  • Water potabilization in Houses, Condominium and Residences:

  • Water potabilization for uses in Food Industry:

O3M by MAINO – A quality brand
we created the word OXICIDE and it means
“Oxygen that becomes Ozone + Negative Ions to facilitate a natural sanitation”

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