The CMP 12 AW ozone generator came to life years ago to satisfy the need of a company partner that is a camper enthusiast too; knowing the various problems typical of living in a camper even for long periods, he knew how to best address us in the project, which has given shape to the CMP 12 AW ozone generator, specifically designed for Camper and Caravan, an apparatus that is still in full and constant technical evolution.

According to his own experience, the main problems encountered on the road are:

  • Having to load water without the necessary guarantees of drinkability.
  • Run into a careless camper driver who washes the toilet box by leaning it to the tap for drinking water, “the same one used to fill the tank” the involuntary operation contaminates both the tap and the water and whoever arrives after puts in his tank water contaminated with faecal coliforms and other various health problems.
  • To contain the weight of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption, you travel with the tank almost empty, then upon arrival in the parking areas or where possible, the water is loaded, unfortunately not always supplied by the public administrations and properly drinkable.
  • The bad smells coming from the shower and sink drains, the exhalations from the gray water tank.
  • In the winter season, after practicing sport like a good skiing, you return to the small space of the camper that was kept closed so as not to disperse heat; the mix of personal odors and sweat, can become very annoying stinks and smells, in the long run also unbearable.
  • Without forgetting the aromas and smells of our domestic animals, which are added to ours, forming cocktails that are not exactly “aphrodisiacs”.
  • The scents of the kitchen, which sometimes persist for many hours, harassing our senses.
  • As you know, unpleasant situations are really very many, the list would be endless ….

So here is the Ozone generator CMP 12 AW created to solve all these problems at the root, without having to buy additional deodorants or chemicals.

With the Ozone generator CMP 12 AW version TS, the following services are obtained:

    • The water purification treatment, just after filling the tank.
    • Deodorization of the entire living space – In the absence of people and animals.
    • Always in the absence of people and animals,
      • A profound and effective sanitation of the living space, of the fabrics, the coverings, the various elements and everything inside it.
      • The refrigerator and freezer are sanitized and deodorized.
      • All odors in the garage compartment are neutralized.
    • Ozonated water is recommended for cleaning food, fruit and vegetables, water that sanitizes while washing.
    • Using the CMP 12 AW generator with specific setting, it is obtained:
      • Slightly ozonized water, which reduces the amount of detergents for the body, detergents for dishes and also reduces water consumption.
      • Water enriched with ozone, which is an effective natural degreaser to wash and disinfects floors and surfaces.
      • Water saturated with ozone, that removes the biofilm from the piping, deodorizes the drains and reduces and cancels drastically the smell coming from the gray water tank.
  • By choosing the CMP 12 AW ozone generator in optional version TC you will also have the cyclic operation, that allows continuous deodorization, even in your presence and your animals presence, a constant treatment that deodorizes and maintains a better level of oxygenation of the air, but also inhibits any viral and bacterial contamination and drastically reduces the attraction of insects such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes.

Accessories and Options available:

  • TC Cyclic time to infinity operation.
  • TL Remote control on – off
  • VS Ultra-noiseless distribution fan.
  • TR Additional 3 meter pipe needed to enrich the water used to wash food and surfaces, without having to remove every time the one installed in the clear water tank.
  • DF Additional diffuser nozzle, necessary to better enrich the water used to wash food and surfaces, without having to remove every time the one installed in the clear water tank.
  • AR 230 Volt mains power supply to use the CMP 12 AW ozone generator at home.
  • CC Additional power cable for 12 V cigarette lighter socket, useful for not continuing to remove the cable from the 12V socket in the garage.

Technical features:

  • Specific model for recreational vehicles.
  • Ultra-compact mm. 250 x 110 x 320.
  • Weight Kg. 1,5.
  • Practical carrying handle.
  • Voltage: 12 Vcc.
  • Total power: 21 Watt (1,75 A).
  • Low consumption:
    • Highest level of hygiene for 100 liters of clear water = 3,5 watt (0,29 A).
    • For deodorizing a vehicle interior of 20 cubic meters = 12 watt (<1 A).
    • To sanitize a vehicle interior of 20 cubic meters = 60 watt (5 A).