O3M by MAINO – Line VR

The VR line has been designed and optimized for the sanitation of recreational vehicles and boats. It operates at 12 Volts in direct current (typical batteries voltage) and provides adequate support for deodorizing and sanitizing the interior of vehicles, and for some models it also allows the potabilization of small volumes of water. Ozone penetrates effectively also into the fibers of tissues and does not pollute the environment.

General description: Appliance with Deodorizing or Sanitizing function (it disinfects and sterilises), production in semi-sealed reaction cell fed by air dried with air compressor, generation of Oxicide “Ozone + Medium-Density Negative Ions”, automatic management for single or continuous treatments, structure made of plastic-coated steel, plastic and stainless steel CNC machined, carrying handle, eyelets for the fixed installation, manufactured in Italy in our headquarters in Como, certification and warranty according to law.

The line VR has 3 models:


  • Air and Water treatment.
  • Ozone generator that can work continously even in the presence of people and animals, maintaining a constant level of deodorization of the living space.
  • In the absence of people and animals, by modifying the settings, it allows to obtain an effective hygienization without compromises.
  • The presence of the ozone emission nozzle makes it possible to treat the water loaded in the clear water tank making it truly drinkable, it also allows localized treatments such as “refrigerator sanitation” and many other uses (even at home).

CMP 12 A

  • Similar to model CMP-12-AW but only for Air treatment.

The CMP 12 line was created with the intention of better satisfying the typical lifestyle of Camper enthusiast, a world traveler who always puts the focus on respect for nature and GREEN lifestyle.

For both models CMP 12, with the purchase of the optional power supply, you can also use them at home, connecting them to the domestic electricity network.


Ultra-compact model, with very little energy consumption, it is designed to be installed fixed on board of a TAXI and NCC Hire with driver vehicles.

It provides continuous interior deodorizing even in the presence of the driver and transported people.


Simply by changing the working settings, in the absence of people on borad, it allows to obtain an effective hygienization without compromises

The Ozone Generators O3M by MAINO are usually used by the University of Milan and tested to validate both the goodness of the treatments and the total inhibition of bacteria, viruses, proliferations or contaminations, to ensure high hygiene standards, in line with current health legislation.