Ozone is not something new, modern, or popular in the technology field, it has always been there, from the dawn of time, that envelops our entire planet and guarantees our life on earth.

All of us looking up at the sky, we can observe it, ozone is that beautiful blue color that we all like.

Ozone is also present in the atmosphere we breathe, but in insufficient quantities to help us really make that difference that we would all like.

What’s new? The ozone generators O3M

Ozone is gas, that acts indistinctly both in the air and in liquids.

Our O3M ozone generators do not make strange magics spells, they are very versatile devices that find application in many sectors, solving the most disparate problems, even the most difficult to manage.


Clarity in the information: If applied alone, ozone guarantees high standards of hygiene, but if used mixed with other compounds, it performs its function more quickly and also allows to benefit from economic savings, which can reach up to 50% less compared to traditional systems that do not use ozone. Here below a practical example of the potential of ozone:


Recent studies carried out by the University of Milan Dep. of Veterinary Medicine have shown that a farm of pig for slaughter can save huge amounts of money, just by applying ozone in the production chain. For a whole year the ozone in calibrated quantity was added both to the water given to the animals and mixed with the air inside the sheds, while instead of the typical chemical pharmacological program of pig farms, they used only drugs of natural biological origin. The use of ozone has led to the improvement of the hygiene aspects in the structures, increasing the animal productivity of 35% (+ animals = + gain)! The “ozone in breeding” project ended in the month of January 2016 and the company never stopped using the installed O3M ozone system. The total savings obtained by the company of “ozone in breeding project” was verified by the University for an amount exceeding 61.000 euros compared to the previous year. This amount already includes the purchase cost of the O3M ozone system. Nowadays, in a market suffering from more and more higher costs, a company that improves productivity without modifying its structures, and which can also save 60.000 euros a year, is already an example to follow and a valid reason to consider the purchase of our O3M ozone system.

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O3M by MAINO – A quality brand we created the word OXICIDE and it means “Oxygen that becomes Ozone + Negative Ions to facilitate a natural sanitation”

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