O3M by MAINO regeneration of the molecular sieve filter:

As you will have seen with the use of your ozone generator, the molecular sieve filter will have changed color, going from the initial yellow to light blue. The color changing is due to a marker element present in the structure of the molecular material, the marker changes color, as the sieve becomes saturated with moisture. Once saturated, the sieve can be regenerated without too much difficulty using a normal microwave oven.

The molecular material is not toxic, it does not release pollutants into the environment and, once completely exhausted, it can be disposed of by throwing it directly into the organic waste trash.

As mentioned, the regeneration is a quite simple operation, to make you better understand how to do it, we have created a small video, lasting 2 minutes and 24 seconds, whose link is at the end of this page.

Before starting, we recommend that you have the following items:

A microwave oven to be set at the maximum power of 600 watt.

A pair of work gloves.

A dust mask.

A container to collect the regenerated sieve.

A funnel with a large neck, if you do not have a funnel you can also use a spoon, gradually transferring the regenerated material.

Or you can purchase the kit that includes (gloves – dust mask – container – support to keep the tube in vertical position – funnel – 1 Kg. of molecular material) excluding the microwave oven.

Also a spare kit of 1 Kg. molecular material only is available.

Then wear the gloves, the mask and follow the various stages as per video.

Warning: We advise you not to adjust the microwave oven at higher powers, otherwise you will damage the molecular material and you will have to buy it again – the generator cannot work without the filter.