O3M Oxicide – Professional Line


Generator of Oxicide Blend (Ozone+Negative Ions) double interconnected unit

Technical features:

  • Generator of Oxicide Blend composed by Ozone and high density Negative Ions.
  • Semi-sealed reaction cell – corona discharge.
  • Oil-less two pistons compressor.
  • Oxygen concentrator.
  • Autonomous production automatically controlled.
  • Programmer with digital display for setting of treatment times.
  • Designed to sterilize and sanitize any rescue vehicle at the highest obtainable health level.
  • Structure made of stainless steel AISI 304B2 CNC machined.
  • AMBULANZ is composed by two parts:
    • The wheeled main part with the control console, compressor, oxygen concentrator (or tank) and ozone generation cells, “it stays out of the vehicle” and this allows operators to manage the whole cycle of sterilization treatment in absolute and full safety.
    •  The secondary part interconnected with the main part, it is housed in the free space inside the vehicle, the turbo blower with a very high capacity of 6.800 cubic meters of air / hour allows a capillary distribution of ozone everywhere and a continuous recirculation. At the end of sanitation process, the same element reduces as much as possible the remaining residue catalysing it in oxygen.

    The treatment takes only a few minutes, for example a whole ambulance or a helicopter are completely sterilized in just 5 minutes of treatment.

  • Operating voltage 230Vca +10/-15%.
  •  Operating frequency 50Hz ± 5%.
  • EEC standards.
  • Dimensions in mm.
    • main part 360 x 320 x 900 height
    • secondari part 310 x 482 x 345 height
  • Total weight 65 Kg.
  • Fully manufactured in ITALY by our company in the province of Como.
  • Product warranty according to law.