ECO3 – ECO3.2 – ECO4 – ECO4.2


Are available 3 Versions:
IS CRZ: Incubator and hatcher ALL-IN/ALL-OUT style, supplied with incubation trays and hatch baskets
I CRZ: Incubator only (Setter), supplied with incubation trays only
S CRZ: Hacther only, supplied with hatch baskets only

  • Controlled by the new CLEVER by MAINO Controller with digital display that allow the full management & control of Temperature, Relative Humidity, Eggs turning, Eggs loading schedule, Clima monitor in Real Time, Environment min/max datalogger, Disinfection* & many others technical features. Data Log are readable on place and fully downloadable; The CLEVER controller also creates a local wireless network “WiFi” that allows the machine management by any wireless devices as any personal tablet, smartphone or PC. The CLEVER controller send & communicates operation messages, appointments & alarm messages (eg. alerts when it is time to transfer the eggs from the incubator to the hatcher). If the CLEVER controller is connected to the Internet network, it will be accessible from anywhere where internet connection is available. The system does not include any Internet connection type that must be installed by the customer.
  • Automatic & Manual servo-assisted eggs turning by electric piston (except that for hatchers).
  • Humidifier for automatic humidity set with automatic water load (need to be connected to the main).
  • Assisted ventilation & Electric Heater, the fan battery and the long life waterproof heat battery, ensuring a homogeneous climate distribution.
  • Second internal wall that distributes properly the air and the air return sucked to the fan after pass through all the eggs, this ensure a homogeneous climate distribution. That wall also protects the users from the direct contacts of all mechanical & electrical parts.
  • Automatic air/water cooling circuit.
  • Box made of two flat composite panels with styrofoam insulation class Ia (sandwich) it is totally profiled in aluminium alloy. The door has a transparent window that allows a view of the inside.
  • The ECO in the IS version is supplied complete of plastic incubation trays to hold hen eggs and similar egg sizes, hatching baskets in plastic mesh and covers that perfectly ensure safety to eggs & chicks during the hatch and provides the necessary grip for the hatched chicks legs (number of trays and baskets according to the purchased version).

Optional parts:

  • If hatch other kind of eggs is needed, are available some kind of trays in where hold other kind of eggs … as quail, pheasant, turkey, goose.
  • The Oxycide gas generator unit for the fully automatic eggs and machinery disinfection
  • The 7″ touchscreen display for smart data settings and watching.