BRAHMA X18 25        BRAHMA X18 56

Model BRAHMA X18 is an Incubator/Hatcher, completely designed and manufactured in Italy according to EU standards, this machine has a dynamic heat distribution through fan, electric heater, micro-computer PID controller with digital display and minimum / maximum alarms.

The box is obtained by CNC machining of rigid sheets of transparent plexiglas (sides and door) and of white PVC (bottom and top), both materials are thermo-insulating; Automatic servo-assisted eggs turning by a special servo-motor; An adjustable tray allows to insert any type of egg; Under the tray, a tight wire mesh facilitates the eggs turning during incubation and ensures sufficient friction during hatching, so that the chicks can walk without risk of sprains.

With the exception of DU version with automatic humidity control, in the remaining versions D and versions both the maintaining and adjustment of humidity take place manually, through two water trays, obtained by removal directly in the bottom of the machine, it is not necessary to open the door to add water, on the outside there are two water charging points which facilitate the operation, furthermore one of these has a support for bottle with water reserve function.

Starting from this season 2018-2019, to assure a greater autonomy to the humidification trays, we have studied two new practical elements:

  • The first is a stand that keeps a bottle upside down vertically on the side of the machine (bottle not supplied – it is okay any plastic bottle).
  • The second is a special cap, which makes the water leak only when grafted into its housing.

It works at 230 Volts with total power starting from 135 Watt and average absorption about 38 watt/hour; It is shipped assembled and ready to be used.
The Warranty is two years for any manufacturing defect.

Model BRAHMA X18 is available in three versions:

  • DU: “the most complete” it controls both temperature and humidity, it is already equipped with automatic humidifier.
  • D: “halfway” it controls temperature, reads humidity and is already prepared for upgrade to automatic humidifier (option).
  • T: “entry-level basic model” it controls only temperature without upgrade predisposition.

Below, the total capacities for different types of Eggs: