Hobby and Professional Models:

Incubators – Hatchers machines with box obtained from rigid flat PVC* foam panels with very high insultation coefficient, machined with CNC numerical control machines.

The PVC with which we manufacture our Incubators and Hatchers is object of great attention to avoid a further contamination of the environment, it is composed of 95% recycled material and the remaining 5% (internal and external surfaces) of virgin white color material.

Rigid foam PVC is a perfect thermal-insulator, 10mm thickness is equivalent to a wooden wall of about 50mm.

It does not resemble at all to the plastic materials used in molding production (most of the incubators on the market) or to chipboard wood, “both are non-insulating materials” the same is true for all structures made of steel sheet with reduced insulation thickness of insulation.

*with exclusion of models MPS made of molded plastic and models with walls obtained from transparent Plexiglas panels.




Mini Pro


Nowadays, everyone believes it is enough to copy our product and adapt various components of common use to build an incubator; unfortunately for them it is not so, experience plays a fundamental role and the results of births are not so obvious. A trivial example of bad-copy are the ultrasound humidifiers.

We started to install ultrasonic humidifiers in our machines in 1995, before us nobody did this, and our decades of experience allowed us to adapt them to achieve the best possible results. In our industrial incubators where space is not a problem, the humidifiers are located inside the machine, while in incubators up to 300 eggs, water tank and ultrasonic head are outside directly connected to the machine, so the dry air comes from the machine and returns after being saturated, without using additional fans.

The companies that copy have no technical baggage but the only thought of how to get money; they sell humidifiers intended for home use that are modified to be connected to the incubator, unfortunately for, them this is a mistake that causes big incubation problems!

The explanation is simple and rational and science can prove it: Household humidifiers both with an external display and probe to insert into the incubator machine and also those that use probes already installed in the machine, work as follows:

1. The stand-alone appliance draws air from the outside at room temperature. 2. It passes the air into a column of nebulized water to saturate it. 3. As the air saturates, it exchanges energy and loses temperature (physical process). 4. Humid air goes into the incubator at a much lower temperature than the internal one. 5. The internal microclimate is completely upset, with direct reduction of births.

Unfortunately, Internet does not allow to touch the products showed in its global network and the price is the only available source of comparison; but, more and more often, those who buy an incubator or an accessory in this way find themself having to use toys, which have nothing to do with a real incubator.


Industrial Models:

Industrial level Incubators and Hatchers, with latest-generation high-tech SCADA climate controllers, wired and WiFi networks and management through a proprietary Web-Browser interface.

Two families of machines are available both with pre-assembled cabinets or to be assembled on site, and two types of structures, panels and insulation thicknesses:

For models ECO; pre-assembled cabinet with sandwich panels with external surfaces in co-extruded PVC foam + white solid + high density polystyrene insulation, panels with high insulation coefficient and thermal break, thickness 40 mm. with single or double door according to the model and version.

For models M and P; disassembled cabinet to be assembled on site with sandwich panels having external surfaces in galvanized and painted metal, patented easy-lock panels interconnection system and insulation with high density polyurethane foam, multiple panels with high coefficient of insulation and thermal break, with thicknesses from 60 to 120 mm. with single or double door according to the model and version.





MAINO INCUBATRICI S.R.L. – A quality brand since 1945 point of reference for many manufacturers “the most copied but never matched brand”