Piopio 70

  • Incubator + Hatcher.
  • Automatic eggs turning system.
  • Full electronic high precision microcomputer Temperature Controller, the best way to set the device climate with Digital Display easy to read “not difficult to read even from a distance and in the dark”.
  • Unified Electronic Digital Temperature & Humidity Probe* sensor that directly interacts with the microprocessor and unlike the sensors previously installed, employs about 70% less computings to grow all the necessary data. The spared calculation time keeps much more stable temperature and humidity.
  • Assisted ventilation and Electric Heater, the encapsulate fan battery and the long life heat battery, ensuring a homogeneous climate distribution. The encapsulation also provide adequate protection to users from the direct contacts to all mechanical & electrical parts.
  • Water trays integrated in the bottom of the machine and fillable from the outside to manual adjust the proper relative humidity for the eggs.
  • Thermal-cut box and door made of white PVC hard foamed panels DIN4102B1 certificate with a high content of thermal insulation. The door has a perfectly transparent Plexiglas glass that allows a view of the inside.
  • The PIOPIO 70 comes with an universal tray incubation+hatching to incubate all types of eggs. The bottom mesh provides perfect security for eggs and chicks during hatching.


*W-T: Only control temperature
(without upgrade possibility – or only by sending back the machine to factory for modification)
W-D: Temperature control and Humidity reading
(digital probe – with possibility of improvement to HUMIDITY CONTROL)
W-DU: Temperature and Humidity control with automatic humidifier unit (digital probe – already fully updated)