Industrial models:

Industrial level Incubators and Hacthers, with latest-generation high-tech SCADA climate controllers, wired and WiFi networks and management through a proprietary Web-Browser interface. Two families of machines are available both with pre-assembled cabinets or to be assembled on site, and two types of structures, panels and insulation thicknesses:

For models ECO: pre-assembled cabinet with sandwich panels with external surfaces in co-extruded PVC foam + white solid + high density polystyrene insulation, panels with high insulation coefficient and thermal break, thickness 40 mm. with single or double door according to the model and version..

For models M and P: disassembled cabinet to be assembled on site with sandwich panels having external surfaces in galvanized and painted metal, patented easy-lock panels interconnection system and insulation with high density polyurethane foam, multiple panels with high coefficient of insulation and thermal break, with thicknesses from 60 to 120 mm. with single or double door according to the model and version.

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