Models for exotic animals:
“Turtles – Parrots – Snakes – Birds of Prey”

Incubators and Hatchers for exotic animals, with box obtained from rigid flat PVC foam panels with very high insultation coefficient, machined with CNC numerical control machines.

What sets us apart from the competitors is a considerable knowledge, which has allowed us to adapt various models to the rarest and most specific eggs to incubate and hatch.

These are not the usual incubator machines and hatchers for poultry that are adapted and/or modified to incubate and hatch the eggs of exotic animals; our machines dedicated to exotic animals are specifically designed to achieve maximum results in situations that are not always easy to manage.

As we said, we have different models that start from the simplest climatic controls up to the maximum possible sophistication, such as the climate that varies from day to night while sampling the various environmental and seasonal climatic situations to reproduce as faithfully as possible the habitat of in the various areas of the planet typical of natural reproductions, etc. etc.

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